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Bernice Dowell is regarded as the leading expert on real estate transfer and property taxes on hospitality assets. She is also regarded as the developer of the proven and accepted method of removing the value of intangibles from a going concern; this is known as Deal Pricing Analysis or DPA.


As a  former Director of Property Tax for Host Marriott Corporation, Bernice gained experience working directly with the dealmakers to proactively manage real estate and transfer recordation taxes for a $5 Billion geographically diverse portfolio.  She was also the Director of Property Tax for ClubCorp USA, the largest domestic owner of private clubs, as well as a Senior Managing Consultant for Paradigm Tax Group in Washington, DC and  a Senior Manager at KPMG. 


Bernice was employed in Marriott Corporation's Tax Department beginning in 1991 and served as Director, Property Tax for Host Marriott Corporation in 1994 through 1998. While at Marriott she was a member of the inaugural class at George Washington University for the Masters of Science in Finance program and focused her senior thesis on the topic of hotel investment analysis and the contributory value of a trade-name. Prior to her work at Marriott, Bernice was the Senior Appraiser for the City of Fairfax, Virginia from 1986 through 1991.


Bernice often serves as an expert witness, industry speaker and contributing author to many trade publications.


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