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June 20 2017
Owners, beware of ‘management fee theory’ in appraisals
Be careful with hotel appraisers who subscribe to a theory in which if a management fee and franchise fee have been deducted from the income stream, there is no intangible or business value.
March 22 2017
REIT owners should abide by state, local rules
Owners of REIT properties have often been advised against state and local rules when it comes to recording assets.
September 28 2015
Tax benefits of intangibles are often lost
Recognizing intangibles that are acquired when buying an operating hotel can provide income tax benefits.
June 12 2015
Plan ahead for changing real estate taxes
Real estate taxes are going up. Know all of your options for dealing with the changing environment.
December 13 2013
Planning for real estate taxes takes care
Attention to detail during the closing process is key for hotel owners when planning real estate taxes.
September 18 2013
Preparing for real estate tax due diligence 
The cost of having a tax projection prepared for due diligence far outweighs the cost of making a bad deal.
June 4 2013
Maximizing tax benefits when buying a hotel 
As property operations return to pre-recession levels, it seems like a good time to improve the use the of price allocation work and maximize all tax benefits.
February 15 2013
Deal-pricing analyses hone in on accuracy 
Deal-pricing analyses can help appraisers gather data that reflects the actions of the buyers and sellers in the marketplace.
December 3 2012
A breakdown of hospitality property taxes 
The process of choosing a property tax consultant should entail as much savvy as the process of acquiring the asset itself.
August 22 2012
How to find the best property-tax consultant
Instead of hiring a full-time employee to manage property taxes, use this step-by-step guideline to choose, compensate and evaluate the right property-tax consultant for your hotel.
May 18 2012
Due diligence key in tax consultant evaluation
When considering consultants to handle your hotel's property tax matters, make sure they know what makes the hotel asset different from all the other commercial properties they represent.
February 27 2012
Managing below the line: Hotel property taxes
There are five major types of property tax consultants. Do you know which to choose?
August 22 2011
Deal pricing analysis: Benefits post closing
In situations where the deal pricing analysis has not been done for closing, it can still be completed immediately after the closing.
August 15 2011
DPA: REITs and the allocation of intangibles
Savvy buyers know the benefits of allocating the price across real estate, tangible personal property and intangible personal property.


August 8 2011

Deal pricing analysis: Papering the deal properly

Using the total purchase price (as opposed to the true cost of real estate) in closing documents results in higher transfer taxes, an inaccurate deed, higher future tax assessments and lost federal income tax benefits.



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